Ana Helena Bevilacqua

A biologist from São Paulo, with a master’s degree from the Amazon and a doctoral degree from the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Ana realized that she is most happy when she is by the sea. As an ocean lover since the time when The Little Mermaid was her favorite film, Ana decided to work with fish during her undergraduate studies. She then studied physiology, ecotoxicology and fish behavior, but she really found her calling in fisheries science! Be it small or large scale, coastal or marine, commercial or for subsistence, the relationship between humankind and nature fascinates her! And it was by doing this kind of science that Ana realized she can contribute with a drop or two to this ocean! 

In her free time, Ana enjoys reading, running, practicing yoga and everything that can

be outdoors! Even better if it’s near the water!



Posts by Ana



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