Catarina R. Mello

Catarina R. Mello

Catarina holds an undergraduate degree in Ocean Sciences and Technology from UNIFESP. Her love for natural sciences is tattooed on her heart and skin. Catarina first wanted to become a scientist when she was a child, stimulated by her parents to watch documentaries every night and read books mostly about marine science.


She began her first scientific endeavours in high school, when she took part in a junior conference in bioengineering, collaborating with another colleague and two teachers. Over the next couple of years, she then worked with robotics, paving the way for her passion for interdisciplinarity between programming and natural sciences. 


Catarina currently researches in physical oceanography, she intends to pursue an academic career and is also working with marine microbiology as a data analyst. In the future, she hopes to dedicate her time to marine science outreach through documentaries and written material. 


In addition to her love for the oceans and programming, since she was little Catarina is greatly fond of volcanoes and dinosaurs. 

She loves to travel, practice karate, draw, read, enjoy arts, watch documentaries, play the violoncello and cook.  


Catarina has collaborated with the blog since 2019 and is now an editor. She helps out wherever she can and has been responsible for formatting texts and editing medias.