Gabrielle Souza

Gabrielle Souza

Gabrielle Souza holds a bachelor’s degree in Science from the Federal University of Southern Bahia (UFSB) and is now finishing her second degree in Biological Sciences also from UFSB. Gabrielle is also pursuing a master’s degree from the Postgraduate Program in Tropical Aquatic Systems (SAT) at the State University of Santa Cruz (UESC).


During her undergraduate studies, she worked with scientific communication, gender and race issues in science, and zooplankton ecology. Gabrielle is currently part of the Marine Ecology and Conservation Laboratory (LECOMAR) at UFSB and her research involves coral bleaching in the Abrolhos region, southern state of Bahia.


She loves to travel, listen to music, hang out with friends and exercise. She is also interested in student and social movements and dedicates part of her time to this agenda.


Gabrielle started in the blog as an editor and created the section Uncomplicating Neptune. She currently contributes by formatting posts, but intends to start writing again.