Gilberto Cunha Jr.

Gilberto Cunha Jr. 

Gilberto is an oceanographer and is currently studying for a master’s degree also in oceanography at the Federal University of Santa Catarina. 

As an undergraduate, Gilberto studied blue growth and ecosystem services. He is currently working in the field of storytelling to improve scientific communication towards marine sciences, such as climate change and ocean literacy.

The field that Gilberto enjoys the most is studying visual arts and audiovisual communication as a means to popularize oceanography. He loves understanding how the ocean helps our planet and people. Moreover, he is fascinated by oceans in other planets.

To express and communicate himself, Giba develops illustrations and poems about the ocean and universe. Here in the blog, he is responsible for creating our Tiradas do Netuno, a series of comicstrips to talk about ocean science.