Leandro Santos

Leandro Santos

Leandro is a biologist who graduated from USP. He worked with several marine animals, such as jellyfish, corals and deep corals. He is currently a Master's student in the Post-Graduate Program in Environmental Sciences and Technologies (UFSB / IFBA) with the theme of Environmental Education.

The passion for the sea has always been present, in very different ways! In the past five years, he has created jellyfish, cared for penguins, sharks and starfish, investigated deep-sea environments far from the coast and dived to check the health of corals.

For him, the sea is not just a working environment, it is the best place to be. Whenever he cans, he adventures in water sports. He likes to read, especially to have something to talk about, and how he loves to talk, especially somewhere with music and friends.

Leandro went from being a reader and consumer of the blog's content to supporting the editing of podcasts, an activity he likes a lot, which is curious because it is out of the water and is done in silence.