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Oceanographer and passionate about many other areas... My passion for the microscopic world developed early while looking through a peephole to see all the microscope life I found at the backyard. Since the very first Biological Oceanography lesson, when I looked at a sea water droplet containing dozens of small marine organisms, I knew what I wanted to explore. I completed my undergraduate and master's degrees at IO-USP, but I also participated in projects at UFRJ and UFRN, working with taxonomy, biotechnology, aquaculture and experimental ecology of marine microorganisms. It was also at IO-USP, in mid-2011, when I was introduced to the photography universe. Since then I have been studying the subject, trying to put together new knowledge to my old passion for design and layout of images. This new ability opened my eyes to other areas. For this reason, I have given some little help in diagramming, which you can check out at our Instagram. I believe it is our role to create conditions for non-experts in science to participate in the fascinating adventure of the path to getting knowledge. In this way, one of my goals here is to tell a little about the small but amazing marine microscopic universe, and, more recently, help create and spread images, hopping it arises more curious to our chat and expands the scope of this important initiative! Don´t miss the chance and follow us!


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