Silvia Gonsales

As a would be researcher, my admiration and curiosity about the functioning of the environment led me to a bachelors in Oceanography, but I felt I could be just as complete if I could be an oceano-‘graphic designer!’ After graduation from the Oceanographic Institute of USP, an interesting and unusual door opened up, which lead me to the field of scientific drawing. This type of design helps researchers represent and/or explain their ideas with something beyond words. For example, when a new species is discovered, someone needs to describe it and make an accurate record of what it looks like. The scientific design complements and synthesizes this record, showing all of the important characteristics that do not show clearly in photographs. After graduation, I tried to specialize in scientific illustration, but I became interested in many other types of illustrations as well (playful, editorial, infographic, etc.). The result was an expansion in the area which continuously offers me more and more challenges and opportunities. In my case, design became the parallel option to the academic career which allows me to contribute to research, stimulate imagination, and gain the interest of people while still expressing my admiration and curiosity for the research I hold in my heart.

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