Tábata Cordeiro

Tábata Cordeiro

Tábata completed her undergraduate and master's degrees in biology at the Federal University of Bahia. She also holds a doctorate degree in sciences by the Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters of Ribeirão Preto of the University of São Paulo. Tábata is a researcher in the field of animal physiology and also an educator. Moreover, she is currently a collaborator with the Kunhã Asé Women in Science Network.

Tábata has been in love with turtles since she met the Tamar Project. This led her to investigate turtle breathing, using tools such as behavioral, morphological, biochemical and physiological analyses. She understands that diversity is a central point for the progress of science.

Tábata is always on the move. Handball athlete, swimmer in pools and oceans, trail hiker, a free and happy dancer. She is also a foodie. Tábata loves to meet people and places, and exchange ideas at a bar with friends.

She is currently a collaborator here in the blog.