Catarina R. Marcolin

I am a biologist with a Masters degree from the Federal University of Bahia, and I got my PhD at the University of São Paulo (USP) in biological oceanography. I am interested in tiny organisms that cannot be seen with the naked eye. I’m enchanted by their shape and colors; I feel special just because every time I look through a plankton sample, I can see all those different “aliens” that live in their own beautiful world. But I cannot say I’ve wanted to be a biologist/scientist since I was a kid. I actually didn’t even know what a biologist did until a local TV series showed me how amazing the life of a marine biologist was. After that, I felt this desperate need to know more about the life of marine organisms, and during my masters I fell in love with plankton. I’m really thankful for such initiatives that popularize science to a broader audience, because that is how I found the profession I wanted to pursue. This is the main purpose of this blog, to spread the word about science and inspire young people to follow their dreams, or maybe just to entertain the public with interesting scientific stories.

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