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Jana M. del Favero

Jana M. del Favero

Jana studied biology at UFLA and holds a master’s and doctoral degrees in oceanography from USP and UMassD. She specialized in environmental management at SENAC and worked in her first post-doctorate at INPE. Jana is currently a postdoctoral fellow in ecology at UFRJ.

She has studied fish since she was undergraduate, including adult fish in the Amazon, juveniles in estuaries, and eggs and larvae in the ocean. Jana loves analyzing data using R programming language.

She also loves outdoor activities, such as biking, hiking, diving and sailing. But she’ll rarely say no to going out to a bar to hang out with friends. Her biggest hobby is playing ball with Suvaco, her dog that became a character in a children's book series about the sea.

Jana has been part of Chat with Neptune activities since its foundation and is now one of the editors-in-chief. She’s that kind of person that sends messages at unexpected times because she had a nice idea or because she wanted to show some art created for social networks. Jana is also the person that keeps an eye on everyone’s work, making sure no deadlines (or hardly any) are missed.

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