Jana M. del Favero

In love with the ocean and animals since childhood, I studied biology in Minas Gerais state (Brazil). While the interior has not yet turned into sea, I made frequent trips to the sea through multiple internships. I interned in Guarujá Aquarium, the Marine Biology Center of USP (University of São Paulo), and for the TAMAR project, where I researched the capture of sea turtles by fishermen. It was in this internship that I discovered another passion, fish. Thus, the "migration" to Oceanography was easy for me. After concluding my coursework with Amazonian fish, I received my master's degree from the Oceanography Institute at USP, working with juveniles in the surf zone of a coastal system, and a doctorate in fish eggs and larvae on the continental shelf of southeastern Brazil. I am currently a postdoctoral fellow at UFRJ.



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