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Júlia Gonçalves

Júlia Gonçalves

Júlia graduated in Oceanography from USP's Oceanographic Institute, and since she was a little girl she has always been passionate about the ocean. Júlia has worked at the Biological Collection Prof. Edmundo Nonato (ColBio), and developed two scientific initiation projects at the Deep Sea Ecology and Evolution Lab (LAMP). This was where Júlia developed her undergraduate term paper, analyzing the benthic fauna of the St. Peter and St. Paul Archipelago.


In addition to her fascination with the sea, she also enjoys creating websites (like this one), organizing events, and her connection with science remains through the Diving with Science project, as she is responsible for the development of the website and is also part of the Organizing Committee. She is currently working as an event producer.


Here in the blog, Júlia created our website and is responsible for updating it and assisting in formatting posts.

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