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Juliana Bomjardim

Juliana Bomjardim

Juliana is an environmental scientist and has a master’s degree in science - integrated environmental analysis – by the Federal University of Sao Paulo (UNIFESP). She is currently an editorial assistant in the Mathematics department of Editora do Brasil and works with the editing of textbooks.

She developed her masters research in the field of ​​environmental microbiology with a focus on sustainability and in the development of craddle to craddle technologies. Her first contact with science communication and this blog was when she entered the organizing committee of Mergulho na Ciência (Dive into Science).

Juliana’s hobbies include put on full-face makeup just to stay in her living room. Her interest ranges from the cosmos to the Kardashians. She has yet to decide whether Christopher Mccandless knew too much or if he knew nothing.

She is one of the blog’s editors and is currently focusing on expanding the blog's dissemination channels to video platforms.

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