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Juliana Leonel

Juliana Leonel

Juliana graduated in oceanology at FURG and holds a doctoral degree in chemical oceanography from USP. While having a job, doing a postdoc and experiencing an exchange opportunity, she also spent time at Unimonte, UFPR and UFBA, Texas A&M University, Health Department of New York, Heriot-Watt University and Stockholm University. Juliana is currently an tenured professor at UFSC.

She works with marine pollution, mainly synthetic contaminants and marine litter. But she also works with geochemistry by studying the carbon cycle in the marine environment.

As of April/20, Juliana has embarked on the adventure of being Ian's mother. She makes a point of cooking and trying new flavors, but not before studying the processes/chemistry that makes a recipe possible. She also likes to travel, read, hike and swim in the sea (or waterfall).

Juliana has been an editor at the blog since 2018 and one of the people in charge of maintaining our Twitter account. She is the annoying person that reminds us of copyright issues and wants everyone to use/produce free material with creative commons license.

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