Lídia Paes Leme

From Uberlândia, where I grew up, the ocean seemed so far away, so mysterious, and filled with secrets and strength. This fascination motivated me to study Oceanography at USP (University of São Paulo). The curiosity about everything that surrounded me, and the desire to understand nature's processes were crucial for this decision! I wanted to understand why sand is different on different beaches, how waves break, where seashells come from, what makes water clear or turbid, why fish don't blink, and many other fascinating questions. When I was a kid, I would fish with my grandpa and thought their guts were kind of gross but very amazing (especially the swim bladder - how does it hold air?). This willingness to understand the physiology of organisms, about how and why they are what they are, always existed within me. The final term paper and Masters dissertation I developed while at the Oceanographic Institute of USP had fish as a theme. More specifically, the research was about what they eat, and how they fit into the famous food chain (or trophic chain). I'm constantly questioning and trying to understand the curious details of nature, learning and sharing as I go along.

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