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Oceanographer graduated from the Oceanographic Institute of the University of São Paulo (IO - USP), where she participated in culture and extension projects, scientific initiation, shipments and junior company. Currently, she is a Master's student in Oceanography in the area of ​​Biological Oceanography, also at IO - USP.


Loves studying extreme environments. At graduation, she developed her research in the deep sea and, currently, in her master's degree, studies Antarctica. Together with the MicrOcean Lab, it seeks to understand how the structure of microbial communities around the Antarctic Peninsula varies under the influence of oceanographic parameters.


As a good oceanographer from Minas, she lives divided between seas and hills. It is by watching the waves of the sea and its extensive horizon that you lose yourself in order to find yourself. It is in the middle of a trail to the waterfall that regains his sense of direction and belonging.


As a contributor to Bate-Papo with Neptune, she reviews texts for dissemination, in addition to taking care of weekly posts on social networks and, eventually, exploring creativity creating illustrative covers to social media.

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