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Maria Luiza R. Coutinho

Maria Luiza R. Coutinho

Maria Luiza is an undergraduate student in oceanography at the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE) since 2019. Has worked with the biological collection of ichthyoplankton (COLICT) and marine chordates (CORDATAMAR) at the oceanography museum prof. Petronio Alves Coelho. She participated in the SOS Mar and EducaOcean extension projects, in addition to working on the MEGAMAR / UFRPE environmental education team.


Currently, she is a research assistant at the Paleontology Laboratory at the Geology Department of UFPE, seeking to understand more about the dynamics of the marine ingression that took place in the Araripe Basin.


Born and raised in Araripe, the land of Luiz Gonzaga (Exu-PE), Maria Luiza strives, by delving into the past, to combine her two biggest passions: oceanography and the Sertão (the Brazilian Hinterland). She was raised on a farm and kept in touch with nature, always striving for simplicity. She loves doing things with her hands: writing, playing the guitar and agbê, dancing, and hiking.


Maria Luiza is a collaborator here at Chat with Neptune, writing and reviewing texts and interacting on Instagram.

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