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Maria Luiza Abieri

Maria Luiza Abieri

Malu is graduated in Biology and holds a master’s degree in ecology both at UFRJ. Malu spent 6 months at the San Diego State University, SDSU, during her graduation. Where she collaborated in research at the Scripps and Coastal and Marine Institutes. During her doctorate, she was invited to the IVLP programme as the Brazilian representative on the IVLP: Our Ocean Youth Ambassadors (U.S. Department of State).

Malu coursed several paths in scientific research, from marine bacteriophages; bacterial, algal, microalgae and coral activities; “chapeirões” from Abrolhos; deep reefs; until finally: fish! She is currently returning to academic life little by little (perhaps a PhD), after a period dedicated to motherhood and self-healing. In parallel with Malu’s love for the ocean, is her passion for teaching. She believes that education is the mainly pillar to a brighter future!

Malu loves outdoor activities especially one that involves water (whether in fresh or salt water!). She is always up for diving, rock climbing, rappel, hiking and waterfalls. She also loves watching a movie with sweet popcorn, snuggled up with her family or gathering with friends ( home).

She is a collaborator and translator in the blog.

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