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Marina holds a bachelor and master’s degrees in oceanography from the University of São Paulo (USP). She has participated in research projects and internships in cooperation with different institutions worldwide, such as the University of Miami, University of Rhode Island and University of Tasmania. Marina is now a predoctoral fellow at the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand.


The interdisciplinarity of sciences has always been in Marina’s focus. She has worked with the impacts of climate change on marine phytoplankton and coral reefs. She also has experience with conservational and educational projects. Since her master’s degree, Marina has focused on omics sciences and biochemistry, studying the cell biology of marine organisms.


Marina loves the outdoors. She is a triathlete, a traveler and a dreamer. She always gives herself with body and soul to every new challenge aiming to create a positive impact in other people’s lives.


As one of our blog collaborators, she helps with reviewing posts and prospecting new content.

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