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Natasha T. Hoff

Natasha T. Hoff

Natasha is an oceanographer with a master’s and doctorate degree in Biological Oceanography from the University of São Paulo (USP) and with an exchange period in Portugal, at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Marine and Environmental Investigation (CIIMAR, University of Porto). She is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Oceanographic Institute of USP.

Oceanography came into Natasha’s life at a very young age, when she was only 12 years old. Since then, her curiosity has taken her to new and different paths with each new undertaking. Natasha believes that what sets oceanography apart is precisely its multidisciplinary nature. She has experience in the fields of climatological analyses, inorganic chemistry of sediments, environmental protection areas, biotic integrity of the ichthyofauna, fish stocks, morphometric analyses, otholits and, more recently, she has entered the world of paleoecology.

Natasha loves her family above all else and does whatever necessary to help out in the best way possible. She loves all kinds of music, she plays the piano and the ukulele, practices ballroom dancing, especially Forró, and loves 90’s axé music. As an oceanographer, she is passionate about the ocean: she enjoys it, learns from it, and respects it!

She has always enjoyed writing and already loved preparing posts for Chat with Neptune even before integrating the team of editors! Natasha is also now responsible for our Newsletter!

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