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The Logo

       This design, prepared by our beloved illustrator Silvia Gonsales, was carefully thought out by the scientists of the sea that keep this blog running. The left side represents Neptune, the Roman god of the sea, sitting on the couch, as if asking for help in solving the numerous problems encountered in his oceanographic realm, many of them caused by us "intelligent" humans. The Mermaid figure represents us, all analysts of the oceans, marine biologists, oceanographers, and those just curious, in our relentless quest to understand the mysteries of the kingdom of Neptune; some maybe even with hopes of solving some of these problems. All of this effort is so our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren have the chance to meet and mingle with this incredible world populated by these beautiful beings.  These complex creatures compel our innate curiosity to a state of eternal childhood, one which we as scientists keep with us through all the trials and tribulations of adult life. 

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