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Yonara Garcia

Yonara Garcia

Yonara graduated in biology at UFJF and holds a master's degree in science (Biological Oceanography) from the Oceanographic Institute of USP. She is currently dedicating herself to the important task of being a mother, but plans to return to research next year.

She has always been interested in aquatic ecosystems. During her undergraduate studies, Yonara worked in the field of limnology, studying mainly biogeochemical cycles and planktonic communities (bacterioplankton). In her master’s degree, her research was focused on marine plankton and sun coral.

Yonara likes to ride her bike, go to the beach, travel, photography, hang out with friends, be in touch with nature and always relies on a good book. Everyday she is learning more about the role of being a mother to her daughter Mia.

Yonara is a collaborator in the blog and is responsible for formatting texts.

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